Sand Replenishment for Ocean Park: May 17 Update

Previous Replenishment Project at Chesapeake Beach

We have an update from Jim White, Coastal Section Senior Project Manager, about the sand replenishment project for Ocean Park. Due to the recent set of storms and the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend the Ocean Park sand nourishment project is scheduled to begin after the holiday, approximately May 30th. Other than the closed pre-project equipment placement areas, the beach will largely be open for the holiday. Once the project begins, only successive sections of the beach will be closed as they work their way along the shoreline.

Reminder from Mr. White for residents: “We request property owners to please remove property off of the beach before sand placement begins. Property may include (but not be limited to) sand fences, signs, volleyball posts, kayaks, catamarans, etc.” There are a good number of chairs, ropes, boats, ladders which are at the edge of the dunes and are at risk of being buried.

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