Fireworks: Donate Please!

July 3, 2021 9:15 PM*

*Rain Date information: If the barge leaves the dock in the morning of July 3rd and is in place, the fireworks will happen on July 3rd. It might be a little before or a little after the 9:15 scheduled time if there is a sudden storm. If there is a forecasted full day of rain or hurricane, we can postpone and reschedule to another day like Labor Day. July 4th is not a viable rain date because City Services cannot reallocate all the fire rescue and police resources that quickly. Also we use the same barge as the city and those fireworks are on July 4th so we would not be able to reschedule to that date.

Please Donate!!

  • If we don’t raise the money, we don’t have a show.
  • No money comes from general civic league funds.
  • No money comes from City of Virginia Beach.
  • Average amount: $20-$100 per household.
  • No amount too small.
  1. You can make a donation with a credit card at Cheddar Up: OPCL Fireworks July 3
  2. You can donate using PayPal: Donate to OPCL Fireworks on PayPal
  3. If you prefer to mail a check, make it out to “OPCL FIREWORKS”
    • OPCL, Fireworks
    • PO Box 55385
    • Virginia Beach, VA 23471

The latest from Jill Doczi: “I’m ALWAYS excited to announce, but this year even more so, that our little community funded fireworks will happen!!! (As long as nothing changes.) This is VERY short notice and all involved agencies are being extraordinarily accommodating. The effort to pull this off will take a level of community involvement unlike any other year. I’m hoping that with a newly heightened sense of the importance of family, community and celebration of our nation, we will pull together to make it happen so we can celebrate.

We hold a permit for a privately funded, community event. We pay for this event through individual donations, so in consideration of the residential communities along the bay that allow us to put this together each year, we never share or promote it to the larger community.

More information to follow and if you would like to volunteer, especially to distribute fliers, you are very welcome to do so! Donations are very much appreciated!”

Our shows are spectacular!

Thank you for your support!

A Little History about our Ocean Park Fireworks

 Photo Credit: Chris Giersch

In the past, Shore Drive residents paid for and shot off individual fireworks along the beaches on the Fourth of July. It was huge fun. While spectacular to watch, it was also unregulated and unsafe.

A few years ago, the Virginia Beach Fire Marshal launched an effort to stop amateur fireworks on the Fourth of July. It succeeded with heavy patrolling, enforcement and penalties—ending personal fireworks on our beaches that year.

The following year, Ocean Park Civic League pulled together a beach show using a pyrotechnic company. The City, satisfied, ended heavy patrolling on the holiday. After a few years, changes in permit and safety requirements, plus the loss of beach, required that the show become a barge show. To offset the cost of fuel and barge rental, some bayfront civic leagues joined forces rather than see fireworks on the Fourth end. A more central location was chosen with Coast Guard approval. The current show is constantly fine-tuned to accommodate the wishes of all neighborhoods. Please know that you support fireworks through donations to the show. Also know that if you don’t let your civic league know you want a fireworks show, it can be voted out each year. Active participation in your community provides events like these for you, your family and friends to enjoy.

This professional show is now shot off a barge in the bay.

Participating communities:
Baylake Pines and Ocean Park including Pelican Dunes, Chesapeake House, Bay Vista, 3356 on the Bay, Aeries on the Bay, Water Oaks, Three Ships Landing.

DISCLAIMER: All donations are accepted under the consideration of current federal, state and local permitting and vendor safety precautions. If there are any unforeseen changes in guidelines, conditions, mandates or rules, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Virginia Beach Department of Public Health/Virginia Department of Health, or any cancellations from licensing organizations or event vendors that would require us to postpone this event, it will be rescheduled when appropriate and previous donations will be applied to the rescheduled event. There should be NO expectation of refunds.

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