About OPCL

Ocean Park Civic League is a neighborhood association made up of concerned residents who are involved and committed to protecting and improving Ocean Park and its ways of life from the beach to Pleasure House Point, Lynnhaven Boat Ramp & Beach Facility, Shore Drive – everything that affects are public safety and way of life.

There are about 1800 homes in Ocean Park.

Ocean Park is bordered on the south by Pleasure House Creek, north by the Chesapeake Bay, west by Baylake Pines & Chesapeake Beach and east by the Lynnhaven River.

OPCL does their best to work for everyone in Ocean Park & we’d love your participation whether it’s once, once a month, once a week or everyday.

Passionate about making Ocean Park great? Ya gotta do stuff. It simply doesn’t get done by itself.

Thanks for getting involved now!

OPCL Bylaws Amended March 9 2017

Board of Directors:

    • President: Ryan Cochran
    • Vice President: Danny Murphy
    • Treasurer: Blake Norris
    • Secretary: Betty Demers
    • North Side Rep: Andrea Lindemann
    • South Side Rep: VACANT
    • At-Large Rep: Don Caskie
    • At-Large Rep: Brian Snyder
    President Emeritus: Andrew Broyles

Contact us:

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Ocean Park Civic League (OPCL) is registered with the IRS as a non-profit 501(c)(4).

Social Welfare Organizations
To be tax-exempt as a social welfare organization described in Internal Revenue Code (IRC) section 501(c)(4), an organization must not be organized for profit and must be operated exclusively to promote social welfare.

    • Consult with your accountant about tax deduction questions.

Contributions to civic leagues or other section 501(c)(4) organizations generally are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

    • More info at IRS


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Just some photos from Ocean Park.

Photo Credit: Kevin O’Hara
Photo Credit: Chris Giersch

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