Golf Carts in Ocean Park

Some reminders about “golf carts” in our community. Although some communities in the area are designated golf cart communities, Ocean Park is not a designated or approved golf cart community.Because of this, to drive lawfully on the streets of Ocean Park vehicles must be street-legal electricvehicles as defined by state and city law. This means they must have all the vehicular requirements, be titled, registered with low-speed license plates from DMV and covered by minimum insurancerequirements. They may only be operated by drivers with a valid license or learner’s permit and the driver must follow all the same rules of the road as a normal vehicle. (Virginia Beach Codes of Ordinance: Sec. 7: 65-68 ).

No motorized vehicles are allowed to drive on the beach except by specific written permission of the City Manager. A handicap placard from a car is NOT transferrable to allow driving on the beach. Virginia Beach Codes of Ordinance: Sec. 6-12.

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