Adopt A Park: Pleasure House Point

Thank you to all who came out for the PHP clean up on October 22!

Mary Faust has organized the cleanups of PHP for many years. She reminds us that the city does not undertake any cleanup responsibilities for PHP since it is a ‘preserve’. The work that the community does to clean up trash and litter at Pleasure House Point is enormously important so that it will be a beautiful natural place for all to enjoy. Stay tuned for details about the next clean up for Pleasure House Point Park. See you there!

The Ocean Park Civic League has been the sponsor for the Adopt-A-Spot(Park) program for Pleasure House Point since the city opened it as a park.  Suzi Walton, the civic league president at the time, saw to it that, as the community was so instrumental in the process of discouraging the development of the natural area and fighting for its survival, that we (the Ocean Park community) should be the designated sponsor.  And as she was formerly an administrator in the city’s Parks and Rec department, she was able to claim it for us.  She conducted the first cleanups and had enormous support from the board, many of whom showed up to participate in the removal of an enormous amount of refuse.  

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