October 6th OPCL Meeting: Meet City Council Candidate John Moss and School Board Candidate Carolyn Weems 7 pm at Brock!

Join your neighbors on Thursday, October 6th at 7 pm for the Ocean Park Civic League Meeting! We will be meeting at the Brock Center. A Social with refreshments begins at 6:30. All are welcome! City Council Candidate and incumbent John Moss will introduce himself and take questions. School Board Candidate and incumbent Carolyn Weems will also address residents and answer questions. (In person attendance for the Thursday meeting is strongly recommended. The Zoom audio capture was improved for the last meeting but for the best experience- come and join in! Zoom.us October OPCL meeting register. )

Princess Anne Independent News has published a questionnaire for 2022 Virginia Beach candidates:

  1. What are your specific goals for this office?
  2. What is the most important issue facing the city and how will you address it in office?
  3. What are your three main policy priorities?
  4. Should city services such as water and sewer be extended south of Indian River Road to promote development of rural communities?
  5. Do you support the Agricultural Reserve Program? Should its dedicated funding be maintained at a consistent level?
  6. Do you believe non-farming businesses should be allowed on agriculturally zoned land in the rural area of the city?
  7. Do you support the city’s successful appeal of the voting rights case…
  8. It is likely the new City Council will need to reconsider our local voting system following the Holloway v. VB reversal in the appeals court. How should the council do this while engaging citizens?
  9. How should the city address concerns about sea level rise and recurrent flooding aside from projects funded via last year’s referendum?
  10. Has the city done enough to help the restaurant and hospitality industry recover from shutdowns related to the pandemic?

Read the Candidates’ answers on the Princess Anne Independent News Website: Princess Anne Ind News 2022-guide

September General Meeting Minutes: September General Meeting Minutes

Board Position Opening

Come Join the Civic League Team! The position of Secretary on the Ocean Park Civic League Board of Directors is open beginning in January for a two year term. The duties include: taking minutes at board and general meetings. To assist with the minutes, the president will draft detailed meeting agendas. The Secretary will use that and add/subtract, capture attendees, decisions agreed to, and other discussion highlights as needed. The board meets once a month (usually held on Zoom) , the week before the monthly general meeting. If you are interested please contact President Danny Murphy: president@opcl.org.

Fall Fest on Saturday, October 29th at Brock!

The Ocean Park Civic League will host the annual Fall Fest for their membership on October 29th at the Brock Center from 4-7pm. On offer will be great food, great music and a beautiful spot to visit with your neighbors! Lewis McGehee will perform! The event is for all members of the Ocean Park Civic League and is free as a perk of membership. An annual membership is $20 per household and you can sign up online or at the door. If you are a resident of Ocean Park, check out the civic league and become a member! OPCL.org/aboutopcl/joinopcl/. If you are not sure whether your membership is up to date or if you have questions: communicaton@opcl.org

The Brock Center is a beautiful venue for the OPCL Fall Fest! Come Join in!

Plans are underway for Ocean Park Civic League’s Fall Fest ! If you can help out or if you have ideas for the fall community get together contact : president@opcl.org.

New Meeting Signs !

We have 10 new yard signs that we would like to distribute around the neighborhood to be put out the week before our monthly meetings to remind residents of the OPCL meeting. If you live near a spot that gets a lot of passersby and would be willing to put a sign out once a month, the week before the Ocean Park Civic League meeting, and then take it down and store it-let us know! Write to president@opcl.org or communication@opcl.org.

A message from the Office for Voter Registration & Elections: they are reaching out asking for volunteers to become a poll worker for the upcoming General Election on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

“Please consider this opportunity to serve your community. Poll workers are paid $162.00 each election and an additional $20.00 to attend a specialized training class. Apply online: https://virginiabeachva.easypollworker.com . For the best experience with this website, please use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer is not a supported browser and will not work.

Application: virginiabeachva.easypollworker.com/home

September Meeting Highlights: OP Civic League hosts City Council Candidate TJ Morgan and new Council Member Delceno Miles

Officer Wroblewski briefs residents on safety issues at the September Ocean Park Civic League Meeting.

Thursday night’s Ocean Park Civic League meeting welcomed several guests and offered neighbors the chance to visit and also ask questions of the speakers. City Council District 9 Candidate TJ Morgan introduced himself and followed up with a question period. Delceno Miles is the new City Council Member filling Louis Jones’ seat. She introduced herself and talked about her priorities for the next months. Residents also had questions for her. One question regarded a land purchase by the McLesky company that will be coming before the city council. Council Member Miles gave her assurance that she would pay close attention to the details forthcoming in the City Council Friday Packet and provide followup. Residents also voiced concerns about long time lack of promised infrastructure improvements in Ocean Park. Ms. Miles said she was committed to listening and looking into all concerns.

Council Member Delceno Miles speaks to residents.

Several issues were addressed in the business portion of the meeting: the Lynnhaven Wharf/Crab Creek Dredge Transfer Station changes proposed by the city and the suggested operating parameters we support , Lynnhaven Boat Ramp Safety Issues and Ocean Park beach access plans. Minutes of the September 15th meeting: September General Meeting Minutes

Proposed Operating Parameters for Transfer Station
President Danny Murphy conducts the business portion of the meeting .

The Thursday meeting was also broadcast over Zoom with enhanced audio and a different video strategy. We are happy to report that folks listening in via Zoom saw and heard a big improvement! Coming in person is still best but it’s certainly a great alternative if you want the latest but can’t get to the meeting. Southside OPCL Board rep Brian Snyder followed the Thursday meeting on Zoom: “Thanks for offering the option to listen to the OPCL meeting through Zoom. With our young children, it’s not easy to attend in person but glad to have the Zoom option for updates on Civic League activities.”

City Council Member John Moss, incumbent for District 9, and School Board incumbent for District 9 Carolyn Weems have been invited to the October 6th Ocean Park Civic League meeting which will be held at the Brock Center.

The Ocean Park Civic League needs your support! In these times of rising costs, we need your support to continue the work and the fun of the civic league. Please consider supporting the Ocean Park Civic League by joining or renewing your annual membership at only $20 for a household! Your membership dues are our budget. Join or renew today!

What does your membership pay for? The civic league budget pays for the costs of getting information out – website costs, email blast Mailchimp services, snail mail post office box, IT services. We make contributions to Lynnhaven River Now, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and we give a four year $1000 college scholarship every year. We put on two great neighborhood social events: Spring Fling and Fall Fest that are free to members. Please help support your neighborhood civic league!!

Questions, comments, ideas for a new and better way are always welcome! Write to president@opcl.org

August General Membership Meeting Highlights

On Thursday, August 4th the Ocean Park Civic League held its monthly meeting at the Brock Center. School Board Candidate for District 9 Erika Guess introduced herself and answered questions from the audience. Second up, City Council candidate for District 9 Joash Schulman also talked about his background and answered questions. Dan Adams, Senior P.E. Coastal Program manager for COVB, was the third speaker for the evening. He described the history and use of the Lynnhaven Transfer Station and explained the future use that is being contemplated by the city: Presentation: Lynnhaven Transfer Station Private Use Ordinance by Dan Adams

Regular business of the civic league was conducted after the speakers. Treasurer Blake Norris noted that while we have had a strong showing in dues collection this year, we are still below what we need to take in after the very well received and attended Spring Fling and looking forward to our Fall Fest. If you live in Ocean Park, please consider supporting the Ocean Park Civic League through a $20 annual membership. Join or renew for 2022 here: opcl.org-aboutopcl-joinopcl!

Full Minutes of the August 4th meeting : August General Meeting Minutes .

If you live in Ocean Park-Please Join Your Neighbors and Be a Civic League Supporter! $20 annually for household!

Become a member of the Civic League Today!

Ocean Park lies within the water boundaries of the Lynnhaven Inlet, Crab Creek, the Chesapeake Bay and Pleasure House Creek; and no farther west than Sunvista Drive. If you are a resident or property owner in Ocean Park please consider supporting the Ocean Park Civic League with your $20 membership. Join OPCL today-only $20 per household! We have more than 1300 households in Ocean Park and so far we have 263 paid members for 2022. We hope more neighbors will support the Civic League! Thank you to all who have paid their 2022 membership !!

What does your membership pay for? The civic league budget pays for the costs of getting information out – website costs, email blast Mailchimp services, snail mail post office box, IT services. We make contributions to Lynnhaven River Now, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and we give a four year $1000 college scholarship every year. With your membership you will also have free entry for your household to our Fall Fest and Spring Fling– a great opportunity to meet your neighbors! Please help support your neighborhood civic league!! If you are new to the Ocean Park neighborhood- welcome! We look forward to getting to know you!

Please consider joining OPCL- just $20 for an annual membership : opcl.org/aboutopcl/joinopcl/. If you have been a member in the past- please renew your membership! A look at recent events shows how important the civic league is for preserving what we love about our community: a-year-in-ocean-park

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