PHP Clean Up-Thank you Volunteers!

A beautiful day to clean up our park!

From Mary Faust: Many many thanks to all who came out this hot and muggy morning to cleanup PHP our Adopt-A-Spot!! Over 50 Pounds and 5 bags of refuse removed! Andrea Lindeman and husband Tim were first out, catching a glimpse of a black rat snake just as we got started! Donna Shephard and Chris Schneider came out soon after and certainly got their workout in, as did Debi Ratliffe and Carol Maurice!! Luke Woldmoe came, with his adorable little baby strapped to him, bringing a friend!! John and Graham Pharr spent quite a bit of time out there (I have one of his gloves!!) picking up. Something we always encourage is to bring the kids! They usually enjoy the activity. It underscores great values such as civic involvement and respect for nature! Ali Fortier, one of our frequent participants helped out, taking a couple baked treats home!! And Jeff Liddington came out to help and retrieved a big cardboard box from down by the Brock Center, full of plastic trash. Thanks to you all!! See you in the fall!! — with Mark Faust at Pleasure House Natural Area.

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