Short Term Rentals in Ocean Park

The Virginia Beach Zoning Commission presented a proposal to the City Council concerning Short Term Rental regulations in areas of Shore Drive including Ocean Park. If this regulation is approved, the new regulations remove the requirement for property owners to get a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) before instituting short term rental activity on their property. Currently in Ocean Park, a property owner must make an application for a CUP to the city which details number of guests, parking, trash. If the property arrangements don’t conform to requirements, then the application is turned down. The new regulation would remove that step of oversight. Here is the presentation about the proposed new regulation:STR Presentation . Here is the Zoning Ordinance Zoning Ordinance

Write to the City and Council and Mayor:

Agenda for Oct. 13 meeting does not include STR.

Oct. 6City Council Vote on Referral to Planning C. (postponed)
Oct. 14Planning Commission Briefing
Nov. 4Planning Commission Public Hearing
Nov. 17City Council Public Comment
Dec. 1City Council Public Hearing/Vote

Here is a link to the survey results that are available: :

This is the letter that was sent to the Mayor and City Council: Letter-regarding-STR-in-Ocean-Park

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