New Electronic Sign on Shore drive

The sign that just popped up supported by the large silver pole instead of a black pole is part of the Virginia Beach Dynamic Message Signs and System Detector Project.   The construction at Greenwell and Shore Drive is for the new LEED certified Fire Station.

Virginia Beach Dynamic Message Signs and System Detector Project

An email about the electronic signs:

The Virginia Beach Dynamic Message Signs and System Detector Project will consist of the installation of 11 motorists advisory Dynamic Message Signs (DMS), overhead sign support structures, equipment cabinets, and communication equipment. The DMS’s will have three line displays. Each line will consist of 12 inch height, LED (Light Emitting Diode) characters. The DMS’s will be installed at eight locations within the City. The DMS’s will be installed at the following locations:

1. Princess Anne Rd and Elson Green Ave, southbound 2. General Booth Blvd at the KOA Campground, northbound 3. Shore Dr and First Landing State Park, westbound 4. Shore Dr and Bayville Rd, back to back DMS’s – photo above 5. Northampton Blvd and Bayside Rd, eastbound 6. Northampton Blvd and Shell Rd, westbound 7. Independence Blvd and Wakefield Dr, back to back DMS’s 8. Shore Dr near 83rd St, back to back DMS’s

The project will also include the installation of two types of vehicle detectors. The vehicle detectors will consist of wireless transmitters, and micro loop sensors. The detectors will be installed at 46 locations within the City. Vehicle detector communication equipment will be installed in the existing traffic signal cabinets. There will also be the installation of one CCTV camera on this project. All of the project equipment will be configured to communicate with the City of Virginia Beach Traffic Management Center.

The DMS’s will convey traffic condition information to the roadway motorists. The vehicle detectors will be capable of instantaneously detecting changes in traffic flow patterns. With the construction of this project, the Traffic Management Center will add to its capability of facilitating the application of technology and engineering, to managing traffic, and disseminating traffic related information to the motoring public.

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