Phase IV: Long Promised West Shore Dr. Improvements

What is Phase IV?

Phase IV refers to a city Capital Improvement Project (CIP) designed to make improvements to the west end of Shore Dr. (Phase III concerned Shore Dr. east of the Lesner Bridge). The project has been postponed a number of times.

This project begins at the Marlin Bay Drive/Sandy Oaks Drive intersection and ends at the west end of the Lesner Bridge. This project will improve vehicular and pedestrian traffic flow and safety in the roadway and intersections; improve storm drainage; include a multi-use trail, 5-ft sidewalk and on-street bike lanes; and enhance the corridor with aesthetic elements such as landscaping and lighting. It will include improvements at the East Stratford Road intersection.”

Details from the 2018 City Council Briefing on plans for the Shore Dr. Phase IV CIP:

This is the latest update from Mr. Purcell on July 18, 2022 in response to President Danny Murphy’s email.

Yes, the CIP info on the website is a bit dated.  Shore Dr Ph 4 is currently in design.  It was restarted recently after being paused for several years.  The design is being performed concurrently with the Ocean Park Stormwater Master Plan, which will identify stormwater improvements required for the new roadway infrastructure (and to address current drainage issues).  The Preliminary Engineering Report and 30% Plans for Shore Dr Ph4 are scheduled to be complete Aug 2023.
-Bill, William M. Purcell, P.E.
City of Virginia Beach
Department of Public Works – Engineering, Transportation Division

Email reply about the status of Phase IV March 21, 2021 to board member Susan Lawson:

“We resumed design work on the Shore Dr Ph 4 project last year, after the project was placed on hold for several years.  The schedule shown in the Project Details sheet that you provided is close, but not current.  Unfortunately, the legacy system used to populate those reports is no longer working; a replacement system is in the works by the City’s IT staff.The current schedule has this project going to construction in the Summer of 2025, with a three year duration.  Design, real estate acquisition, and private utility relocations will occur between now and 2025.  We will certainly reach out to the public, to include OPCL, as we advance through the design milestones.Please contact me with any additional questions/comments. Regards William M. Purcell, P.E.City of Virginia BeachDepartment of Public Works – EngineeringTransportation Division”

What is a Capital Improvement Project?

Planning capital improvement projects involves a complex series of steps. The land acquisition, construction, expansion, maintenance, rehabilitation and upgrading of important public assets such as roadways and sidewalks; schools and city buildings; parks; bridges and other infrastructure are all organized from conception to construction by the Public Works Department. Executing these public projects places significant demands on the city’s financial resources and, as a result, they must be carefully planned and budgeted well in advance of breaking ground for construction.

For these reasons, the City Council annually outlines a six-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) to define needs, set priorities, plan funding and anticipate impacts of the city’s needs on the municipal operating budget.

Each CIP project outlines a related set of activities that result in either the purchase or construction of a capital asset or major improvement. To be considered a “capital project,” the total scope of work must cost at least $50,000.

The details of each capital project the city has defined are available to the public for review at vbgov.cip-project-search.

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