Good News!

We can all use some good news these days! At the July 9th virtual OPCL meeting, Jill Doczi provided an update from the City about the sand replenishment for Ocean Park beach. James White from VB Public Works wrote Jill that the plan is to rebid the project with a longer performance period, and the funding was not impacted by the new fiscal year budget. Hurray!

Virtual Welcome Wagon! Welcome to all new Ocean Park Residents! We would like to get to know you! If you have a new neighbor, let us know. We can’t leave our Welcome to Ocean Park Cookie bags right now (hope to soon!) but we’d like to introduce new folks to the neighborhood.

Rezoning Request for developing Marlin Bay Apartments

Developer’s request to rezone to allow for 227-unit apartment structure goes to planning meeting soon.

Contact City officials and let them know your concerns! Click on linked email addresses below

“Hi, my name is __ and I am an Ocean Park (resident, homeowner, business owner). I oppose the request to increase density and rezone Marlin Bay Apartments on Shore Dr. and Marlin Bay from B2/PDH1 to conditional B4. I am not opposed to all development but I want to ensure it is in line with the community and quality of life here.”

Mayor Bobby Dyer — 757-385-4581 —

Mark Shea — Comprehensive Planning Coordinator—

VB Planning Commission

VB City Council

Louis Jones — 757-583-0177 —

Jim Wood — 757-366-1011 —

Bayfront Advisory Commission

Charles Malbon Vice Chair —

Morgan Ayers—

Faith Christie—

Wallis Damon—

Philip Davenport —

Charles Faison Jr. —

William Hearst —

Stacey Shiflet —

Martin Thomas —

Negative Impacts on Ocean Park

In accordance with the Shore Drive overlay a parcel of 4 acres or more can have 36 units per acre which is 144 not 227. The apartment complex would occupy 4 acres. Including Lynnhaven Marine, it is a 6 acre parcel so they have planned 227 units.

Environmental study needs to be performed to determine the impact on PHP .

Parking spilling onto Marlin Bay and surrounding neighborhoods

Emergency service response serving Ocean Park

Here is the Marlin Bay development website to get information from the company developing the project.

Beach Replenishment Update

The following comes from the City of Virginia Beach Public Works concerning the Ocean Park Beach replenishment project slated for this spring/summer:

The city received three bids on April 7, 2020 for the beach nourishment of Ocean Park Beach. Unfortunately all bids were over 50% higher than the available budget for the project. The primary driver as to why the bids came I’m significantly higher than the available budget is due to industry capacity related to high demand for dredging along the east coast and Gulf of Mexico for the next six months.

No additional funding has been identified and not likely in the immediate future given the current uncertainty in the City budget. Therefore, a contract cannot be awarded based on the current bids. Public Works staff has recommended rebidding the project with a longer period of performance to incentivize more favorable bids. Staff is waiting on final direction from upper management. For now, we are in a holding pattern until revised City budget is determined.

Coastal Section Project Management, City of Virginia Beach Public Works

Apartments proposed for Ocean Park at Marlin Bay Drive

About a week ago a local developer made an (on-line via Zoom) presentation proposing an apartment complex to replace the boat dealership at the corner of Marlin Bay and Shore Drive to members of the Ocean Park Civic League Board and the Shore Drive Community Coalition Board. The Ocean Park Civic League (OPCL) would like to have your opinion on the proposal. Attached is the PowerPoint slides that were presented outlining the project overview to include renderings of what the completed project would look like. Look it over, tell the OPCL board what you think. Are you for, against or somewhere in between?

The presentation highlighted that the complex will be 227 total units, 4 stories in height, to include 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments, offering what they consider high-value amenities with a starting target rental price at $1200.

The residential area surrounds a parking garage of 400+ spaces and a swimming pool. Most significantly, the Zoning for the property must be changed to B4 to accommodate the planned higher density dwelling, as well as closing existing paper streets. Property entrances are planned for Shore Drive and Marlin Bay Dr. There will be on site management company, Drucker & Falk.

The developer has established an introductory website: . The project has not come before the Planning Commission yet, and they hope to in May depending on where the city is with the COVID-19 restrictions. Optimistically, they would like to break ground in 2021, and hope to have the approval of the surrounding community….But that’s up to you.

Your input to the Civic League leadership has great value. The board intends to carry the message forward from the residents of Ocean Park to the developer and the City. You can leave comments to this email address: or add to the discussion below. The OPCL Board will be looking to you for your input.

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