New Fire Station near Ocean Park (Greenwell & Shore Dr.)

The construction at Greenwell and Shore Drive is for the new LEED certified Fire Station.


City of Virginia Beach, VA
Public Works
 Capital Project Detail Sheet
3.244.000: Fire and Rescue Station – Chesapeake Beach
                    Description and Scope
                    CIP Section: Buildings                     CIP Status: Approved Active
                    Project Type: Replacement                     First Year in CIP:
                    Business Area:
                    City District(s): Bayside
This project replaces the existing 9,760 square foot facility supporting 4 Fire and 2-to-5 Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel, 1 fire engine and 1 ambulance on a daily basis, and various other pieces of equipment that are infrequently used (ranging from fire trucks to zodiac boats). The existing facility has 2 drive through bays (2 vehicle capacity each) and 3 front load only bays (1 vehicle capacity each). The replacement will be a more efficient 3-bay facility ranging from 13,800 to 14,200 square feet based on the General Booth and Sandbridge stations. Cost estimates were based on 14,000 square feet. The replacement facility will house both Fire and EMS personnel and equipment. The new site will be at the intersection of Shore Drive and Northampton Boulevard. This facility is priority 10 on the City’s Top 13 Facility Replacement Priority list.
                    Points of Contact
Project Manager: Public Works John E Gresock (757)-385-4131
                    Schedule of Activities
Project Activity Approved Budget Current Estimates
Code Description Start End Cost Start End Cost
2000 Design 07/01/2010 06/30/2011 300,150 10/01/2010 02/01/2012 300,150
3000 Site Acquisition 01/15/2007 09/18/2008 1,623,800 07/01/2007 09/30/2009 1,623,800
5000 Construction 07/01/2011 12/31/2013 3,117,435 02/27/2012 07/22/2013 2,701,350
8000 Furniture and Fixtures 07/01/2012 12/31/2013 261,000 08/01/2012 08/01/2013 261,000
9000 Contingencies 01/01/2007 06/30/2013 362,500 07/01/2007 08/01/2013 362,500
Overall Project Start, End & Cost: 01/01/2007 12/31/2013 5,664,885 07/01/2007 08/01/2013 5,248,800
                                Current Status and Progress
  A contract award to P.G. Harris/HBA was made with a Notice to Proceed date of February 27, 2012.  Under the 511 day schedule proposed by the Design/Build Team, the project is scheduled to be substantially complete by July 21, 2013. The site plan has gone through several submittals to DSC and review comments have been received.  Fina DSC approval was received at the end of August, and demolition of the existing structures on the site commenced on September  26.  The existing concrete pavement has been removed from the site and the building pad has been graded.  DVP is preparing a proposal to remove two utility poles on the site.
Last updated: 10/23/2012 10:18:45 AM

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