Spay & Neuter and vaccination event

We are reaching out to Civic Leagues in the Hampton Roads area to get the word out about a special appearance our Neuter Scooter will be making at Second Chance Thrift Store.  We realize people get busy, can’t find the time, or have just plan forgotten to spay and neuter their animals.  We are hoping that this may give them an opportunity to do so.  If you will print the information out and/or email to the appropriate touch points.  It is a cash only spay/neuter day and we hope people might take advantage of the great price as well!  Please have interested persons call 323-SPAY!


Thank you!

Christina Guzman



Christina Guzmán

Public Relations & Outreach Director

Virginia Beach SPCA

3040 Holland Road

Virginia Beach, VA  23453

427-0070 Ext. 41

Be a lifesaver. Adopt from The Virginia Beach SPCA  or Donate Now –

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