The Ocean Park Civic League is not associated with signs seen around Shore Dr. (Shore Drive Sucks) but has long advocated for the City to honor commitments it made in the 2007 CIP for Shore Drive Improvements and to honor those commitments NOW not in another 15 years. OPCL will continue to work toward this goal. What are these defunded improvements? Go to IV Long Promised West Shore Dr. Improvements

President Danny Murphy spoke to WTRK Channel 3 on Monday about the signs and defunding of Phase IV. “I think the defunding of the project gives us serious concerns with the leadership within the city and city council that they’re just going to pass aside all the promises and commitments that have been made over the years, to delay this project even further,” stated Danny Murphy, President of Ocean Park Civic League. “We would like continuous sidewalks, lighting, anything a modern roadway would bring,” Murphy explained. “We see it in the rest of the city, and they seem to be able to find dollars for various places, but it’s been 18 years and we still don’t have a shovel in the ground yet.” District 9 Councilman Joash Schulman was also interviewed and also Tim Solanic.

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