No Way Marlin Bay Signs available!

If you would like to display a NWMB sign to show your opposition to this 197 unit apartment complex with a 4 1/2 story parking garage- email us at and we’ll drop one off! Donations are very much appreciated!

For more information about why this huge project is wrong for Ocean Park, go to NOWAYMARLINBAY.COM.

You can also make your voice heard by writing to the Planning Commission members who will review the application to change the zoning which will make this project possible. Write to Mr. Dao to explain why you are opposed to this project. Your letter or email will be included in the official packet that goes to the Planning Commission.

News Channel 3 Highlights Community Opposition to the Marlin Bay Development

In an interview with Chelsea Donovan on Channel 3 News, OPCL President Danny Murphy explained the Ocean Park community’s opposition to the proposed 197 unit apartment complex in Ocean Park. He emphasized that the community is not against all development. Residents are looking for appropriate development within the framework of the existing zoning with units similar to what is adjacent to the property: townhouses, duplexes, single family homes. He said that a project of this size and density would destroy the cohesion of this close knit community. He pointed out that residents are opposed to the high density and large scale of this project with 197 units of 1,2 and 3 bedrooms and a 4 1/2 story parking garage. Also of concern is that it poses a threat to the “prime jewel of the city: Pleasure House Point.”

If you would like to display a NOWAYMARLINBAY sign

Confusion about Planning Commission Hearing July 14th-Get the Scoop

At the July 14th Planning Commission meeting, they granted a deferral of the Marlin Bay project until the September 8th meeting.

Residents who live adjacent or across the street from the proposed Marlin Bay apartment development received letters dated July 1 which said that the hearing for this would take place on July 14th. These letters were sent out despite the fact that the deferral was confirmed on June 25th. Many of these residents have contacted OPCL looking for clarification because they were not able to get answers from the city Planning Administration and they are confused and worried that they might miss the opportunity to give their rightful input.

The public notice signs-which are required by law- all give the date of September 8th for the hearing on this matter. The Planning Commission Agenda was just updated on Monday July 12th. Residents should feel assured that this project will not be addressed in the July 14th hearing behind their backs. The city should have done a better job-not sending out an inaccurate letter since residents rely on that communication from the city for correct information. Residents who tried to contact Mr. Dao were unable to get an answer. OPCL works hard to provide up to date information but not everyone is aware of this website. It’s the city’s obligation to do that. They showed poor performance in this case.

OPCL July 8th Meeting

At the July 8th Ocean Park Civic League Meeting on Zoom, residents heard updates on beach replenishment, fireworks and the Marlin Bay Project. The fireworks were a great success! Perfect weather and no logistical problems. Thank you to all who donated and especially to Jill Doczi and all who helped make it happen! (Fireworks photo credit to Chris Giersch!)Read the full meeting minutes here: Meeting Minutes.

NO WAY MARLIN BAY yard signs had been placed at the beach entrances and on the south side for the holiday. Residents who would like to display a NO WAY MARLIN BAY sign can get in touch: Donations are welcome since we are hoping to print more signs soon: Donate with your credit card cheddarup/no-way-marlin-bay-yard-signs or with PayPal: Donate here .

You can still donate to the fireworks! We are already looking forward to the deposits that have to be paid in early 2022 for next year. Donate using a credit card here: fireworks or to fireworks . If you prefer to mail a check, make it out to OPCL FIREWORKS. Mail to : OPCL Box 55385 Virginia Beach, VA 23471 you to all our donors!!

Marlin Bay Development Planning Commission Hearing: Deferred until September 8th

The developer of the 197 unit apartment complex at Marlin Bay has asked for a deferral until the September 8 Planning Commission Meeting. They are trying to get more support for the project. Mark your calendars for September 8th! A development of this size, scale and density will change the character of Ocean Park, set a negative precedent for future development and threatens significant negative impact on the adjacent PHP natural area: problems of overcrowding, trash, parking. See the NO WAY MARLIN BAY page for information about the development and the reasons it is not right for Ocean Park.

We confirmed with the city planner, Mr. Dao, that “all letters that were submitted to Staff for this project will be included in the application package for the Planning Commission and City Council.” If you have already written to Mr. Dao then your letter is included. If you wrote only to individual commission members then your letter will not be included in the packet (But those letters still matter! They will certainly be taken note of by the commission members). If you have not yet written an email or a letter, you can still make your voice heard! Mr. Dao assures us that all new letters received by him will be included in the application package. Write to: or 2875 Sabre St. Suite 500, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452.

Scholarship Winner for 2021

Congratulations to this year’s winner of the George and Louise Lyon Memorial Scholarship : Taylor McOrmond! She was selected from a very competitive field of exceedingly well qualified applicants. Taylor is a resident of Ocean Park and attends the Legal Studies Academy at First Colonial High School. She will be attending James Madison University in the fall. We were so pleased to see Taylor at the June 10th meeting where she thanked the membership for the scholarship.

George and Louise Lyon were lifelong members of the Ocean Park Civic League and dedicated a good portion of their free time to serving the community in which they lived. They were especially committed to supporting the Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad which was the first all volunteer rescue squad established in Virginia Beach and that is still in operation today on Shore Drive. This scholarship recognizes student achievement and encourages community volunteerism.

While we may disagree with the rezoning and conditional use request to build the Marlin Bay Development, the developers and owners are our neighbors and we do not condone the defacement of the signage on the Marlin Bay property. The responsible way to oppose this project is by communicating with the city, the Planning Commission and the City Council. This can be done with calls, letters/emails and showing up to speak at public meetings.

Make your Voice Heard!

Dear Residents of Ocean Park, 

This past weekend volunteers distributed flyers about the proposed 197-unit Marlin Bay Apartment Development. We hope that by doing this, we were able to reach every resident of our community. We believe that this large development will fundamentally change the nature and character of our neighborhood. It will set a terrible precedent for inappropriately high density that could open the door for more similar projects in the future.

The strongest argument we have is that our neighborhood is unique and beloved for its character. Most of us moved here because of that special character that has been enshrined by the City’s Comprehensive and Shore Drive Corridor Plans. You have a voice in preserving our neighborhood. The properties at Marlin Bay Drive should be developed in accordance with the existing zoning and City planning guidelines: townhouses, duplexes and single-family homes, not a large high-density multi-family using erroneous mixed-use rezoning.

If you have not done so, please consider writing today to The Planning Commission members to add your voice to preserve our neighborhood from overdevelopment.  So many residents have helped in this effort so far and we thank them. Join with us!

Daniel Murphy

Ocean Park Civic League President

Mr. George Alcarazgalcarazvbpc@icloud.com757-620-8040
Mr. Steve BarnesBay Breeze Farms, 1076 Sandbridge Rd, VB,VA 23456757-287-3199  (c)
Mr. Whitney GrahamwgrahamVBPC@icloud.com757-287-4835    
Mr. Donald Horsleyhorsley_don@yahoo.com757-421-3625   (h)
Mr. Michael Inmanmainman@inmanstrickler.com757-486-7055 (h) 757-403-8172 (c)
Ms. Dee Oliverbranch.oliver@gmail.com757-406-4954 (c)
Mr. David S. RedmonddredmondVBPC@icloud.com757-215-5302 
Mr. John H. Costonjohnhcoston@gmail.com757-407-8663  (c)  757-499-1388 (h)
Ms. Robyn R. KleinRKleinVBPC@icloud.com757-918-9317    (c)
Mr. Jack Walljckwall@aol.com757-748-5602    (c)
Mr. David Weinerdweiner@batchelder-brick.com757-620-1681    (c)

What does the Comprehensive Plan for COVB say about Development?

The City of Virginia Beach City Council adopted the current Comprehensive Plan in 2017.  The City Council lays out specific goals for each area of the city in the Comprehensive Plan. In the Suburban Focus area section that deals with Shore Dr., the City Council sets forth Guiding Planning Principles to achieve  a stated goal of Great Neighborhoods. Here are some quotes from the CP that show how inconsistent the Marlin Bay Development is with the plan that the City Council has adopted for Ocean Park and Shore Dr.

“Our primary guiding principle for the Suburban Area is to create “Great Neighborhoods,” and “to support those neighborhoods with complementary non-residential uses in such a way that working together the stability and sustainability of the Suburban Area is ensured for now and the future.” ( page 1-60) 

  • “The planning policies that apply to the entire Shore Drive Corridor and Bayfront Communities are:
  • Preserve and protect the character of the established neighborhoods
  • Achieve the lowest reasonable density for future residential uses.” page (1-71)

“For example, new residential development on larger parcels should be consistent with the character of any residential uses in the surrounding area, as well as consistent with the guiding planning principles for the Suburban Area.” “Residential density in the Suburban Area should be low to medium where the surrounding land use patterns and densities are appropriate for such. Higher densities are appropriate for development in the Urban Areas.”  (page 1-62)

Infill development on small vacant parcels within an existing neighborhood or on parcels being redeveloped should be compatible to the existing development around it. Designing a structure that is scaled and proportioned with surrounding development is typically more difficult than utilizing a design that simply fits the site and meets zoning regulations. The result, however, is a structure compatible with the neighborhood with respect to land use and design, and will give the impression to those who pass by that it has always been part of the original development.    (page 1-63)

The Bayfront Advisory Commission (originally established as the Shore Drive Advisory Committee and then the Bayfront Advisory Committee) was established by City Council in 1998. The mission given by City Council to the Bayfront Advisory Commission is: to review and make recommendations to the City Council regarding public and private projects and issues associated with the Bayfront area, and projects or issues associated with the Bayfront area that the City Council may refer to the Commission. At the April meeting, the Bayfront Advisory Commission did not approve the design for this project, finding it incompatible with the Design Guidelines for Shore Dr. 

Link: ComprehensivePlan.pdf

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