Can You Help Out?

The Ocean Park Civic League is humming along with new ideas and fun projects! Would you like to join in and help? Go to for more information or contact or Here are the committee descriptions as laid out in our bylaws:

  • Finance: “Shall monitor and manage the resources in the League’s accounts. The Committee Chair shall work with the Treasurer to ensure that the accounts are accurately reported on as part of the regular Treasurer’s Report.” Contact Danny Murphy:
  • Scholarship: “Shall provide oversight of the award and distribution of annual scholarship funds. This includes following the guidelines established by the scholarship application. The Chair shall assemble and meet with a minimum of two additional committee members annually to review the applications and make the award determination.” Contact: Betty Dierstein Deadline for 2023 is March 31.
  • Government Affairs: “Shall be responsible for monitoring and reporting on the activities of Local, State, and Federal government entities that have jurisdiction over and relevance to Ocean Park.”
  • Membership: “Shall be responsible for keeping the membership roll; collecting dues by cash, check, credit card or online transaction such as PayPal; and promoting new membership.” Help check folks in at our events- great way to meet your neighbors! Contact: Andrea Lindemann
  • Social: “Shall be responsible for planning and coordinating social activities such as, meet and greet events before General Membership meetings, raffles, larger membership gatherings such as Block Parties, Spring Flings, Bake sales, Chili-Cookoffs, etc., for the benefit of Ocean Park residents. Collaborate with the Membership committee, to use these social activities as a new membership drive. Promote these activities through (but not limited to) web and social media outlets.” We’re on a roll! Meetings are the last Monday of the month at 6:00 pm at Taste unless otherwise planned. Contact:
  • Fireworks: We especially need help distributing the April newsletter about the fireworks and the donation envelopes in June. Contact: and
  • Board Positions: and more details here By-laws-adopted February-2021 . Contact: President Danny Murphy at

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