Answers at OPCL Meeting: March 9: Dan Adams, Election Choices

At the March 9th Ocean Park Civic League Meeting at the Brock Center in the Pleasure House Point Nature Center. We got new information about several topics! Officer Schonbach updated us on the new technology being implemented and latest statistics in our neighborhood.

  • Dan Adams, Coastal Program Administrator for the Virginia Beach Dept. of Public Works, provided updates:
  • Ocean Park dune grass planting and sand fence installation. We are finalizing the purchase order to do the planting and fence installation with the company Coastal Transplants.  We are near the end of planting season, but the work should begin within the next three weeks and should take about a week.  It takes about 2 years for the grass to grow in but it will look great!
  • Upcoming beach nourishments at Cape Henry, Chesapeake Beach and Ocean Park: The current schedule is for work to start by the end of March and will take about 90 days. The work times are Monday-Friday 7:30-4:30 but since we are getting a late start, we may seek to extend those hours. Regarding dredging of Lynnhaven Inlet, the USACE is currently in the process of developing contract bid documents (i.e., plans and specifications) to conduct a full dredge of the Lynnhaven Inlet.  The current schedule is to go out to bid for this project in the late summer/early fall 2023.  Dredging work is currently scheduled to begin in winter 2024.  Sand dredge from Lynnhaven Inlet will be placed on Cape Henry Beach.

District 9 Councilman Joash Schulman joined us and explained the background of the need for City Council action before January 2024 on the election system in Virginia Beach. He also talked about the school budget and the new property assessments. He encourages residents to contact him with questions and concerns:

The Virginia Beach City Council will have to formally adopt a new system for elections in Virginia Beach prior to the 2024 election. The changes that were made for the 2022 election have not been formally written into the city’s charter. The City Council wants to look at various options for structuring the election system in Virginia Beach. In order to educate the public and get feedback about the options, the city is organizing mail surveys, television and newspaper advertisements, a website and 12 town halls, including one in each district and two at centrally located sites with virtual attendance opportunities.

President Danny Murphy gave updates on several recent informative meetings: Town Hall with Chris Taylor, City Manager’s Listening Meeting and the Bayfront Advisory Commission. Also noted were upcoming Social Events: Spring Fling on April 22 at Taste, May Piling Event and a planned Beach Cleanup with details to follow!

For full details: see the March General Meeting Minutes which will be posted shortly. You can access the recording of the meeting also: March 9 General Membership Meeting.rec/play. Passcode: 7U?MJ!We

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