Lynnhaven Transfer Station Update

At the Tuesday, October 18 meeting City Council Meeting, City Councilman John Moss thanked President Danny Murphy, Todd Solomon and Public Works Director Mr. Hansen for working toward a solution that would address residents’ concerns about private use of the Transfer Station.

The ordinance to allow private use of the Lynnhaven Transfer Station was passed. A number of people spoke in favor including a group of 17 neighbors on Crab Creek who have gotten together to pay for the dredging of Crab Creek. In addition to the boating access, they describe how silted in the area has become noting the impact also on wildlife and the marshes. The contractor who will do the work also spoke noting that using the Thalia Transfer station adds almost 30% to the cost of dredging and the use of much more fuel since it is much farther away.

Thank you to President Danny Murphy who pushed for these guidelines! And also thanks to all who helped put them in place including Councilman John Moss, Council Member Delceno Miles, Mr. Hansen and Mr. Solomon.

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