Fall Fest was the BEST! Thanks to So Many!

So many people to thank for the great time at the OPCL Fall Fest! Thank you to the Brock Center for their support and partnership as they provide a beautiful venue for this event and our monthly meetings. HUGE thanks to the volunteers who made the event happen: first and foremost Joanne Lappin Parker who kept 100 balls in the air to bring it all together!

Kudos to Jenny Snyder and Natalie McIntyre for lassoing great raffle prizes donated by local businesses. Jenny is also our Instagram artist keeping us up to date! Thank you to our generous sponsors who donated our raffle prizes!

Thank you to the volunteers who set up, manned the bar, food, t-shirt and raffle tables: Dave and Maribeth Gamble, Jennifer Jackson, Anita and Josh Montgomery, Tim Lindemann, Karen Urban, Merle Younkin, Chris Lewis, Jason and Margaret Cascio (Peggy wins BEST face paint! And led the children’s costume parade!) Janna Gentler, Christy Allen, Blake Norris, Betty Dierstein, Brian Snyder and Debbie Cohen! Thank you to the Membership volunteers: Shane Abell, Sharon Grossman, Andrea Lindemann, Jill and Dan Speasmaker! Cookie bakers: Patsy Hassell-Garris and Charlene Cerza!

Thank you to our president and oysterman: Danny Murphy- also chef of the smoked jackfruit bbq!

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