Beach Replenishment Update: Guest Speakers Thursday Feb. 10

Jim White clarified the difference between nourishment and replenishment:
Beach Nourishment is the term used to define the first sand placement effort when a program is established to physically build back an eroded beach to previous width, height, and length. Beach replenishment/renourishment is used to define the subsequent sand placements efforts after the initial beach nourishment/restoration is conducted . A replenishment effort may occur on a 3-7 year cycle. Beach restoration or shoreline restoration is used to define an overall bayfront, oceanfront or riverfront project that may include more than just beach nourishment that may include hard structures such as shore perpendicular groins, seawalls, living shorelines or offshore (shore parallel) rock breakwaters. “

“Although Ocean Park Beach has received sand in the past from the Lynnhaven Inlet dredging project, the upcoming project is considered a beach nourishment (or beach restoration) project because a City CIP has been established to conduct this nourishment (the first nourishment) and fund future replenishment projects. “

Minutes from the January 6 General Membership Meeting can be viewed here: january-general-meeting-minutes.docx

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