A Year in Ocean Park

2021 was quite a year! Despite restrictions from COVID, the civic league dealt with a number of issues. Ocean Park was removed from being in a Short Term Rental Overlay district. The community felt strongly about this issue and many residents wrote letters and spoke out at the Bayside Advisory Commission and City Council meetings .

Another concern has been the beach replenishment. At the April OPCL meeting Mr. Dan Adams, Coastal Program Manager for the City of Virginia Beach, presented the particulars of the beach replenishment project. (April 8 guest speaker about beach replenishment.) Since then we have been in close communication with Jim White the city project manager. More information will be available soon with the start date looking to be spring.

Of course the dominant issue for the civic league and the community was the Marlin Bay Apartment Development, which had a positive outcome after strong community effort and long hours by OPCL board members. Community members really stepped up writing hundreds of letters, donating and posting signs in their yards!

(President Danny Murphy also became our media star!)

Ocean Park residents spoke out for our community at the Planning Commission Hearing in September. In October the application for the Marlin Bay project was withdrawn. We look forward to working with the owners of the property to shape a new project that fits in with the community of Ocean Park.

We celebrated the 4th of July with our beloved fireworks and parade! (The annual fireworks are not paid for out of the OPCL budget. They are funded separately by contributions.)
Thank you to all the members who have already renewed their annual membership for 2022! Please consider renewing your membership early in 2022 or becoming a member for the first time! It’s easy! Only $20 for a family! Join or Renew Today!

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