Rezoning for Marlin Bay Apartments

Developer’s request for zoning change to build 222-unit apartment complex in Ocean Park

Negative Impacts on Ocean Park

The developer is asking the city to alter the current zoning for the properties at Marlin Bay from B2/PDH1 to conditional B4 in order to allow a residential density that is far above existing density in Ocean Park. A four story monolithic building for hundreds of people and 4 1/2 story parking garage for 372 cars in the heart of Ocean Park do not fit among the single family homes, duplexes and townhouses on our narrow streets.

This project is not consistent with the Corridor Plan for Shore Drive which city staff planners turn to when making their recommendations for projects in Ocean Park. Here is a quote from the staff recommendation for recent townhouses: “Planning policies that apply to this request include.. preserving and protecting the character of established neighborhoods and achieving the lowest reasonable density.” Another quote from a staff planner in recommending approval of a recent project in Ocean Park: “The proposed rezoning is consistent with the recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan for Shore Dr. Corridor by promoting compatible infill development at a density compatible to the surrounding area.”

These concerns were voiced by the Bayfront Advisory Commission:

  • Main concern is the height, massing and scale of the project.
  • A four story building that is that long along Shore Drive does not comply with the Shore Drive Corridor Plan.
  • The boat sale parcel could segregate itself and then be developed separately.
  • A four story structure across the driveway from 2 story townhouses is overbearing.
  • It’s all about jamming as many units as possible into the project.

This proposed complex is not compatible infill development and will not preserve and protect the character of the established neighborhoods. It is not reasonable density. These properties should not be rezoned for this project.

Environmental study needs to be performed to determine the impact on PHP .

Here is the Marlin Bay development website to get information from the company developing the project.

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