In the ‘Park

Please consider paying your 2021 dues now. Since we have not had our usual in person meetings and Spring and Fall social events, dues are not finding their way to OPCL. We are continuing the work as best we can and we do need the community to contribute their annual dues. Follow this link to pay: Join opcl Thank you!

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Excerpt from ” The Ocean Park Story” by Nadine Costenbader and the group she formed. This book is available at Tin Soldiers on Shore Dr.

Those of us who grew up in Ocean Park during the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s cherish the memories of this small town-like community–no Mayberry RFD but close. We felt safe playing in the woods or on the beach, trick or treating, ‘dropping’ valentines, skating at a tennis court on Friday nights, sledding in the snow all day on the hill near the railroad tracks, waiting for a bus to take us shopping in Norfolk or to the movies at the beach, or sleeping on the front porch at night because there was no A/C. Everyone knew everyone! Even our school bus drivers lived just down the street.

The center of our world as we knew it in Ocean Park was the firehouse, conceived, constructed and manned by the people who lived there. This was a place where scouts met, girls had dance classes, Halloween and Christmas parties celebrated the holidays and “Junior Firemen” emulated their parents. During the Cold War, sky watchers/plane spotters had their own special place atop the building. Our mothers, fathers and neighbors organized and met as the Women’s Club and Ocean Park Volunteer Fire Department.

Milk was delivered on our doorsteps each week in glass bottles (cream on top!) from Bayville Farms. Right before Mother’s Day, the delivery included a bouquet of peonies. Bayville Farms also provided a source for potable water that we pumped into jugs from an artesian well.

We honor the men and women who were the founders of Ocean Park and dedicate this history to their hard work and determination to create this community and give it a true sense of small town America. We hope that those who have followed as residents will accept the torch that has been passed to you to preserve the area and its character. “

The Ocean Park History Project Committee: Nadine Costenbader, Chair

Judy Connors, Grace Moran, Anne Kane, Ann Lyon Ackiss, Susan Lyon, Susie Walston

reprinted here with permission from Nadine Costenbader

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