Update on Marlin Bay Project

No application has been filed yet with the Planning Commission for the proposed development of the Marlin Bay Apartment complex. From our meeting with the developer, we know that they may be contemplating some changes in the project. However the change in zoning and the density and large scale that will be allowed by that change remains a cornerstone of the project.

While it may be premature to contact City Planning and the City Council until an application is submitted and is public, it is not too early to contact our city councilman, Mr. Louis Jones, so that he is aware of how Ocean Park residents feel about this project. Mr. Jones remains our elected representative and provides the most direct and influential channel for residents to express their deep concerns.

Mr. Jones has consistently gone to bat for his Bayside constituents. Residents were strongly against being included in the STR overlay district and Mr. Jones came to hear the community’s opinions and he had Ocean Park removed from the STR Overlay district. In the January19, 2021 City Council Meeting, Mr. Jones stood with the residents of Chesapeake and Chics Beach as they opposed the zoning change for the Windsong apartments. Mr. Jones spoke at the City Council meeting about the Windsong Apt development: “This development would create a change in lifestyle for them and their community. The fact that we have multistory apartments backing up to single family residences is a negative to the lifestyle and the happiness of the people who already exist there. It’s not just an economic issue. The developers are asking the City Council to allow these folks to come in and develop this type of development in the middle of their community. And they don’t want it. As their councilman I don’t blame them and I make a motion to deny this application.link to: video of Mr. Jones speaking at the City Council Meeting Jan. 19 2021

Residents are encouraged to contact Mr. Jones and voice their concerns about this project.

There was an error in the email address for Mr. Jones in the Update on Saturday. His correct email is lrjones@vbgov.com

email: lrjones@vbgov.com or LJones@hollomon-brown.com

postal address:

Louis Jones

2401 Courthouse Dr. Building #1

Room 281

Municipal Center

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456

Phone: 757-583-0177

link to City Council Page: Council Member for information about Mr. Jones

Sample letter ideas:

Mr. Jones:

I am writing to ask for your support in opposing the proposed rezoning and development at Shore Drive and Marlin Bay from B2/PDH1 to a conditional B4 zone. While I am not opposed to all future development on this site, I do have significant concerns regarding the type of rezoning being proposed for the Marlin Bay Apartment Complex.

  • This type of apartment complex does not fit into the historic neighborhood of single family, duplexes, and townhouse homes that is Ocean Park.
  • Large apartment complexes are clustered together near other dense-land spaces, and not in small long-established neighborhoods, making such a proposed plan incongruent with the limited footprint that exists within Ocean Park.
  • Once the property is rezoned, the developers could further develop the property. The parcels are not under one ownership. If the Boat Sale parcel segregates itself, it could be redeveloped as a separate parcel.
  • My opposition is also based on these probable negative effects: the loss of neighborhood and community character, a decrease in the market value of my home and increased traffic congestion, adding to an already dangerous Shore Drive corridor.

Very respectfully,

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