Lesner Bridge updates…

Public Notices for Permitting
The  Corps of Engineers, DEQ, VMRC, and Coast Guard are advertising public notices for the construction permit on this project.  The Corps of Engineers public notice has already been advertised and can be found at:  http://www.nao.usace.army.mil/Media/PublicNotices.aspx  We know there has been some concern about the City putting in a bulkhead at the boat ramp site.  We just want the BAC and the Shore Drive community to understand that the current public notices are for the construction of the Lesner Bridge only.  This will include a temporary bulkhead at the boat ramp.  Any effort made to change the scope of the construction permit (e.g., make the temporary bulkhead permanent) will require a separate application and approval from the permitting agencies.  We want to be clear with the BAC and the Shore Drive community that this current application is only for the construction needs of the bridge project.  This is consistent with the approach that we discussed with the BAC and the SDCC in early 2012.
Drilled Shaft Load Test at the Boat Ramp
Our design team is currently mobilizing a contractor to perform a drilled shaft load test.  This effort will consist of drilling a 4’ diameter hole approximately 110’ deep, placing reinforcing steel, and backfilling with concrete.  Once the concrete has cured, the contractor will jack against the drilled shaft until it fails.  This test will give us actual field information about how well the drilled shaft will perform.  With this information, we can finish the foundation design for the bridge using the most economical drilled shaft design.  You will likely see the contractor on site starting next week.  We just wanted to make you aware of this in case there are any questions from the community.
Project Manager Change
Chris Wojtowicz is taking over this project for Toni Alger.  Toni is still in our group, however she was selected for a supervisor position and her duties have expanded beyond managing projects.  Chris is getting up to speed and will be taking care of the day to day responsibilities.  Chris has been doing a great job managing the Laskin Gateway project and will bring a lot of experience to the table as we get closer to construction.   I will still be involved and available for questions as well so we will have continuity during this transition.
If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know.
David S. Jarman, P.E.
Transportation Project Management Supervisor
Department of Public Works
City of Virginia Beach
757-385-4144 (direct)

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