Spring Fling Trivia Prize Winner and other news…

At the May Ocean Park Civic League meeting at the rescue squad, President Danny Murphy drew the winner for our Sea Life Trivia Contest from our Spring Fling event at Taste in April. The winner is Bryan Spillane from Three Ships! Secretary Christy Allen delivered the prize and his wife Elisa was home to receive it. Congratulations! Thanks to all for participating and to Anita Cooney for creating the trivia questions!

Huge thanks to all the many volunteers for our two recent very successful events! Thanks to these folks for our new Pop Up Easter Egg Hunt was a huge success: Natalie McIntyre, Jennifer Bland, Joanne Parker, Jennifer Snyder, Rose Hester and family, Sandra Dawe, Julie Vance, Rachael Beutler, Andrea Lindemann, Danny Murphy and of course our talented Easter Bunny Shane Abell. Spring Fling followed and in spite of the weather we had a great event thanks to: Joanne Parker, Natalie McIntyre, Michael Grossman, Sherri Walton, Debbie Zaydel, Anita Cooney, Jenny Snyder, Christy Allen, Shane Abell, Alice Leggett, Jay and Anita Montgomery, Tim and Andrea Lindemann, Danny Murphy, Blake Norris and probably more!! Thank you all!

President Danny Murphy had updates. Treasurer Blake Norris gave a budget update. Scholarship Chair, Betty Dierstein gave a scholarship update. The scholarship deadline was extended to April 30 so now the committee will review applications and announce a decision shortly!

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