THANK YOU Helpers! Great Pleasure House Point Clean Up on Saturday!

Here’s a message from Mary Ellen Faust: “ I am always amazed at the people who come out to volunteer for the OPCL cleanups for OUR Adopt-A-Spot, Pleasure House Point Natural Area. Especially on a day like today with temperatures in the 30’s! Today more than 200 pounds of refuse were removed with the help of 18 volunteers! Ashley and Levy, her lovely lab, were first out! Our civic league president, Danny Murphy, didn’t just show up, he was out there for the full three hours, wading out in the water and in the reeds, making drops and going back out for more!! Tetsuo O. and Debbie Cohen (pictured below) came early, too! Thanks to Liz Janney, Joshua, Anita and Savannah Montgomery, Merle Younkin, Michael Pearman (dragged out a pickup truck tailgate!), Dave Fortier (working the creeks!), Kevin and Sayer Davis brought more car parts and “stuff” (overachievers!), Laura Hugings and Christina Miller (came for a walk and joined right in!), Chrissy Mason and Georgia Pitrone!! If I left anyone off, apologies, however, considering that I had little hope that ANYONE would even show, I was truly overwhelmed by the support!! Thanks again you lovely people!!”

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