Goodbye 2022: A Look Back at a Great Year!

Another eventful year in Ocean Park! It’s hard to believe that in January and February, we were not yet back to in person meetings amid concerns about virus resurgence. The Marlin Bay developers expressed interest in working with the civic league in their development of a new plan for the Marlin Bay property project. OPCL formed a committee and met with Jon Peterson in February for an open discussion about what the community would like to see. We have not been contacted again for input or meetings. We did have our Chili Cook Off in March in the (a little drafty) ambulance bay at OPVRS due to continuing concerns about the corona virus but the weather did not cooperate!

In June our George and Louise Lyon Four Year Scholarship was awarded to Carly Lundgren.

In August the issue of private use of the Lynnhaven Transfer Station came up when the city introduced an Ordinance change without input from the OP community. President Danny Murphy worked with Council members Moss and Miles and Public Works Director Hanson to generate protocols ensuring safe operation for the neighborhood.

During the 2022 election season, OPCL hosted School Board and City Council candidates for District 9 at our meetings in August-October. We thank John Moss for his strong support of Ocean Park and his many years of dedicated service to the city. Also we thank Delceno Miles, interim City Council member replacing Louis Jones, for her active support of our community. We welcome incoming City Council member for District 9 Joash Schulman and look forward to working with him!

We look forward to another great year for Ocean Park in 2023!

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