Beach Access Ordinance Vote at City Council Meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 6!

Residents and OPCL board members have met several times with city staff concerning various issues with the Ocean Park beach access points. There has been considerable interest in these issues and the Ocean Park Civic League takes its role of providing information about the community seriously. In a surprise move, the city has proposed an ordinance concerning the Raleigh Ave. Beach Access with essentially no public notice. On December 6th, the City Council will vote on the new ordinance.

OPCL is pursuing a request for deferment of this agenda item to give residents and stakeholders an opportunity to participate. A deferment would only be granted at the City Council Meeting not ahead of time so those interested parties should register to speak at the December 6th City Council Meeting if they want to be heard. (​​​”A citizen who wishes to address the council concerning an agenda item must register with the city clerk or deputy city clerk at 385-4303 prior to the meeting.“) Residents may also send an email to the council members: Any updates regarding this issue will be posted here on the website.

The new ordinance: “Ordinance to AUTHORIZE temporary encroachments into a portion of City right-of-way known as Windsor Crescent re maintain existing stone patios, stone walls, PVC fence, brick steps, fire pit, wood fence and grassy area at the rear of 3868 Jefferson Boulevard.” Details of the agreement with the city can be found in pages 172-199 of the Bookmarked City Council Agenda .

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