August General Membership Meeting Highlights

On Thursday, August 4th the Ocean Park Civic League held its monthly meeting at the Brock Center. School Board Candidate for District 9 Erika Guess introduced herself and answered questions from the audience. Second up, City Council candidate for District 9 Joash Schulman also talked about his background and answered questions. Dan Adams, Senior P.E. Coastal Program manager for COVB, was the third speaker for the evening. He described the history and use of the Lynnhaven Transfer Station and explained the future use that is being contemplated by the city: Presentation: Lynnhaven Transfer Station Private Use Ordinance by Dan Adams

Regular business of the civic league was conducted after the speakers. Treasurer Blake Norris noted that while we have had a strong showing in dues collection this year, we are still below what we need to take in after the very well received and attended Spring Fling and looking forward to our Fall Fest. If you live in Ocean Park, please consider supporting the Ocean Park Civic League through a $20 annual membership. Join or renew for 2022 here:!

Full Minutes of the August 4th meeting : August General Meeting Minutes .

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