Thank you All!

The fireworks show was a great success this year overcoming a barrage of obstacles that almost prevented it. Thanks to our neighbor, Jill Doczi, for her unrelenting efforts to secure all the moving parts with the help of the city Special Events Dept. (caveat: We get NO funding from the city). Thank you to president Danny Murphy for his proactive work in bringing together the city police and the city public works department so we would have the best information about the impact of the sand project and a safe weekend. Thank you to Captain Wilkerson, 3rd Precinct; Jim White, Coastal Sec. Public Works COVB, and City Councilman John Moss for their efforts to ensure a safe, enjoyable holiday for our community!

Big shout out to all the wonderful people who helped get the word out with the fireworks donation envelopes! Thank you to Jill Doczi-fearless leader and her kids. And to Linda Kester, Mark Gorsuch (great rubber band innovation-none of those blew away!) , Tina Morey, Kim Vap, Deborah Cohen, Mari-Ann Messick, Shane Abell, Jill Speasmaker, Jennifer Jackson, Joanne Parker, Margaret Inge, Janine Cardone, Alice and Tom Leggett, William Savoy, Tim Lindemann, Jill Broome and John and Angie Murray from Bucketheads( in the rain)!

If you loved the fireworks and are grateful to have such a beautiful show right in our neighborhood, but didn’t get to donate yet, your donation would still be very much appreciated! We are working on the deposit for next year! All monies collected go only toward fireworks!

Questions and comments are always welcome! Contact us at: or

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