Beach Project Update

At the General Membership Meeting on Thursday, June 9th at OPVRS, president Danny Murphy gave an update from Jim White, senior project manager for COVB.

Updates from Friday, June 10th : The “current schedule” is for the contractor to be completed by June 22nd. The Padre Island dredge plant is currently on site and the Dodge Island is expected to begin tandem work tomorrow. Here is a weblink to GLDD’s hopper dredge fleet: . That will speed up their beach building progression.1. Quick explainer on the the Douglas Mackie/Ellis Island Hopper Dredge. Is it ever used for sand nourishment projects (pump slurry setup)? Yes, the Ellis Island has been used for sand nourishment projects. Also, where does it deposit the mined material from the Thimble Shoals Channel? Assuming pit someplace. For the Thimble Shoals Deepening project, the dredge material that is not suitable for beach nourishment is deposited offshore of NAS Dam Neck, in the Atlantic Ocean, at a designated location known as the Dam Neck Offshore Disposal Site (DNODS).2. Also, it looked like there is/was a mechanical dredge working the 1st tunnel channel of the CBBT. Is that part of GLDD or was that CBBT 2nd tunnel construction? Yes, the contractor Weeks Marine is using a clam shell dredge plant to dredge material at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. This is part of the Thimble Shoal Deepening project, but is a separate contract.

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