Thank you to our Ocean Park Volunteers!

We’ve had a lot of help lately!

We delivered our April 2022 Echo Mini Newsletter last week to (we hope) every household in Ocean Park. Thank you to our hardworking helpers: Jill Doczi, editor and delivery champ (did you get your 10 miles in!?), Linda Kester (the rubber band innovator!), Tim and Andrea Lindemann, Debbie Cohen and Tetsuo Ogiwara, Phil Rous, Danny Murphy, Margaret Inge and Janice Cardone for reaching out to all corners of Ocean Park! (If you did not receive a newsletter, let us know so we can find you next time!

Thank you to all the folks who made the Spring Fling happen: our planners- Joanne Lappin Parker, Lynda Martin, Danny Murphy and Andrea Lindemann. More volunteers ensured that everything went smoothly on the day: Blake Norris, treasurer and T-shirt seller! Tech support provided by Brian Snyder! Shane Abell and Barbara McCrudden were busy checking members in for the membership table!

If you would like to help out, go to and take a look at the various areas. Send an email to to let us know you are interested!

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