Signs UP!

Thank you to all the residents who have put up a sign in their yards, in their windows, even on the dunes! A special thank you to everyone who has donated toward the cost of the signs! We have 100 signs out there now and want to order more! If you would like to donate, it is much appreciated! Donate-to-signs.

It has also been great to hear from the community as people write in to ask for a sign ( Here are some of the messages:

OPCL-Would love to display a yard sign to show our disapproval of this proposal!

Thank you for these efforts for our community and for the signs!!
I would be happy to place a sign in my yard.

My husband and I would love to have a “No Way Marlin Bay” sign for our yard. And I will send a corresponding donation through the link you provided. I will also be emailing the planning commission to advocate against the development. Thank you for your work organizing and supporting our neighborhood!

Hello! We would LOVE to show our support with a yard sign! We will share this in the mailboxes area in front of our house.

A couple of my neighbors have posted signs in their yard and directed me to the website to get one of my own. Thank you for offering these to the community!

The overdevelopment of Shore Drive has to stop. It’s putting all of our safety at risk. And we haven’t even seen the impact of the Westminster Canterbury development on our roads yet. Development is ok but the density on Shore Drive is out of control. Thanks to the OPCL for all their work on this.

I would like a yard sign and will donate for one! This is the absolute worst thing that could happen to our community and I strongly oppose it.

Hello, one of my neighbors passed on your info for a no way Marlin Bay sign . We strongly oppose the building of these apartments and would like to continue showing our support for the cause.

I loved the video and what a great way to get the word out!

We would like to have a sign at our house please!  Our family is strongly against dense development at Marlin Bay. 

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