Marlin Bay Apt. Complex Update

The Bayfront Advisory Commission will hear from the Marlin Bay Apartment Complex developers again at their virtual meeting on Thursday, April 15 at 3:30.

The developers will present a slightly redesigned project with 197 units instead of 222. The new plan (see above drawing) shows a change to one part of the apartment building along Shore Dr. That part of the building will be 3 stories instead of 4. The rest of the complex along Shore Dr. and all that borders the neighborhood on the other side remain 4 stories. Areas circled in red are 4 stories and show how the 4 story building is overbearing next to current residences. The parking garage also remains 4 1/2 stories. The scale of the project means it will tower over Shore Dr. and the neighborhood and change the character of Ocean Park. So while the developers have made a modest change to the plan, this complex is still too large for our small, historic Ocean Park. The community remains strongly opposed to the zoning change that would allow such a large apartment complex in Ocean Park.

Please support Ocean Park and voice your views either by email (see the links to BAC commissioners below) or at the BAC meeting virtually. Here is the two step process to speak at the meeting on Thursday: Follow this link to register: And then contact Mr. Mark Shea by calling him at (757) 385-2908 or emailing him at by noon on the 15th to indicate which presentation you wish to speak to. You can also join the meeting to listen by following the link above.

At the November BAC meeting, the commission declined to approve the earlier design of the project. If you would like to email members of the Bayfront Advisory Commission, here is their contact information:

Morgan Ayers
Mr. Wallis
Philip Davenport,
Mr. Whitney
Charles Guthrieaddress on gov website not valid
William Hearst
Robert Magoon, vice
David Redmond (Planning Commission)
Mark Shea (staff)
contact information from Virginia Beach Govt website:

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