BAC hears Marlin Bay Apt. Presentation

The Bayfront Advisory Commission heard a presentation about the Marlin Bay Apt. project at it’s regular meeting on Thursday, Nov. 19th. The meeting location had been changed to the Virginia Beach Convention Center, Suite 5 1000 19th St. There was seating for 25 not counting staff and the Commission. Several Ocean Park residents spoke to the BAC during the comment time.

Here is the presentation that was shown on Thursday at the BAC meeting : Marlin Bay Marketing Brochure.pdf

After hearing the proposal presentation, the BAC commented on the proposal based on:

The BAC Design Committee raised a number of concerns with the proposed Marlin Bay development citing the height, massing and scale of the plan as not complying with the Shore Drive Design Guidelines and not being consistent with the Corridor Plan, as well as several other concerns. The committee reiterated that they see their role as providing advice and working with project applicants to find solutions. Mr. Peterson, representing the developer, said they would be willing to work with the BAC Design Committee.

This slides lists the developer’s reasoning for why the project should be approved:

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