Speakers do Ocean Park Proud at City Council Meeting!

Tuesday night at the City Council Meeting many Ocean Park residents spoke movingly and eloquently against the proposal for the STR Overlay District. The Council heard speaker after speaker from Ocean Park who were well informed and who brought out many important points about how this proposal would adversely affect our community. People told their personal stories and stressed the family orientation and close-knit neighborhood character of the community. Many speakers noted that this zoning change is being imposed on a community that is against the change and who fear the negative effects that will follow. A grateful shout out to all those who took the time to sign up to speak at the City Council Meeting both in person and virtually and to those who spoke up at the Bayfront Advisory Commission meeting where Mr. Jones and Mr. Wood were present.

Mr. Jones clearly heard these heartfelt concerns and moved to remove Ocean Park from the Proposal. This is a proud day for Ocean Park!

One thought on “Speakers do Ocean Park Proud at City Council Meeting!

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  1. That was an amazing part of the meeting to watch!

    Congratulations on the turn out and having OP’s voice heard!

    The inaccurate information about the OPCL BOD letter to Councilman Jones 2 years ago was unfortunate. Read the letter and what the letter was addressing at the time.

    Again – GREAT JOB and we sincerely hope you turn out for 100% preservation of PHP, an appropriate sized project at Marlin Bay & Phase 4 moved up immediately.


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