The OPCL needs your help!


We need some help at your Civic League. We have two opportunities for leadership that need filled. One is the Vice President position and the other is Secretary. There are  only a handful of meetings a year between the Board meeting and our general membership meetings. I think by now you well understand the importance of the Ocean Park Civic League when you look at the great work our leadership has done with issues like Pleasure House Point and the ongoing engagement about the permanent Dredged Transfer Material Station proposed for Crab Creek. These are vitally important issues and much of the work on these issues (and many others) are already done by a small number of people.
So please take a moment and think about how you can help support your Civic League by taking a position of leadership for 2013. If you have any interest, please let Martin Thomas know (our current OPCL President) know by reaching out to him at and he can fill you in on specific responsibilities of each position.
And, I’d be remiss if I didn’t end by saying that we are currently accepting dues payments for OPCL. If you pay now, you get credited for all of 2013. You can pay on-line at, or send me an email and I’d be happy to send a membership form back to you.
Terry Gearhart

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