Petition Re: Lynnhaven Boat Ramp

Please see the note below from Wendy Vaughan of the Guard Dogs, the link to an on-line petition and the attached Word doc of the petition for those who would prefer to print, sign and mail in their support.

Terry Gearhart
I am sending this out to he Guard Dogs email list as well as the Ocean Park Waterways Development and Redevelopment Committee. This new petition has been uploaded to Here is the link. Please sign it , forward it to friends and neighbors, upload it to your Facebook pages, and websites
For those of you who signed up to take paper petitions around, I am sending you one in word document format that you can print out.
Also, an updated sample letter is attached for your use in mailing to City Council members, the Mayor, and Beaches and Waterways Commission members. I appreciate everyone’s help with this. Thank you, Wendy

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