Apartments proposed for Ocean Park at Marlin Bay Drive

About a week ago, a local developer made an online presentation to the members of the Ocean Park Civic League Board and the Shore Drive Community Coalition Board. They are proposing to build an apartment complex to replace the boat dealership at the corner of marlin Bay and Shore Drive. The Ocean Park Civic League would like to have your opinion on the proposal. Below you will find a link to the slides that were presented outlining the project overview. Look it over, tell the OPCL board what you think. Are you for, against or between? Most importantly, how could the project be improved and tailored to best fit into our community if it were to go forward?

The presentation highlighted that the complex will be 227 total units, 4 stories to include 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments and offering what they consider to high value amenities with a starting target rental price at $1200.

The residential area surrounds a parking garage of 400+ spaces and a swimming pool. Property entrances are planned for Shore Dr. and Marlin Bay Dr. The onsite management company would be Drucker & Falk.

Most significantly the zoning for the property must be changed to B4 to accommodate the planned higher density dwelling as well as closing one street. The developer has established an introductory website where updated information can be found. ://www.marlinbayvb.com/ . The project has not come before the Planning commission yet. They hope this will happen in May depending on where the city is with the COVID 19 restrictions. They would wish to break ground in 2021. They hope to have the approval of the surrounding community. .. that’s us. Your input to the Civic League leadership has great value. The board intends to carry the message of the residents of Ocean Park forward to the developer and the city. You can leave comments at this email address: communications@opcl.org or in the discussion. The OPCL Board will be looking forward to you for your input. We will do the best we can to get information out and facilitate community input.

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  1. The developer is not using Marlin Bay Drive as the main entrance to the parking garage where there is a light. The main entrance will be at Shore Drive and Powhatan. That intersection is not built for an additional 500-1000 cars. Exiting Powhatan to head eastbound on Shore Drive has become more difficult due to the new light in front of OP rescue station. This new development will make it impossible. The developer needs to redesign the location of the parking garage entrance to Marlin Bay Drive.


  2. There should not be an entrance from Shore Drive–that street is too busy as it is. I think given the sanctuary-nature of the area, fewer apartments should be built. Possibly higher-rent ones with garages instead of a parking lot, and green space instead of a swimming pool. We need more green & less cement!


  3. Does OP know what this apartment complex will do to our home values? I am genuinely not sure if they will go up or down. Particularly those homes immediately behind the proposed complex? Our views will be blocked by the 4 story building, and based on the plan it looks like we will have privacy concerns since the apartments will look down into our backyards.


  4. This type of construction goes completely against the appeal of ocean park. This is a desired community to live in because it is a low key, family friendly neighborhood. If this plan goes through then we significantly increase traffic/accidents, crowd our beaches, and lose the overall sense of community we have. This would be way to many people coming into this small community and would be a disaster waiting to happen.


  5. Not in favor of rental units, especially this sense. Much, much fewer and lower height condo units would be better. Would prefer a small business shopping strip or a small complex of 2 story condos.


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