We wrote to Governor Northam requesting his help in setting up a partnership in Ocean Park.

Our January 2019 Letter to Governor Northam.

We were delighted to hear about the recent funding for the Lynnhaven River clean-up efforts, and the partnership developed between the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and Lynnhaven River Now. We are particularly interested in promoting efforts to create an aquaculture center to raise the oyster spats right here in Ocean Park. There is probably no other area in the Lynnhaven that already has the infrastructure and the type of moving water needed that would make a better match for this project.

Our newly elected Mayor Dyer will be at the Thursday January 10th meeting at Brock Environmental Center and wants to meet all of Ocean Park.

We also have the election of 2019 officers and representative appointments.

There is a considerable amount of correspondence between OPCL and local government but also the Governor of Va. and OPCL needs your input and blessing on these subjects.

Presentation about the new school at Brock Environmental Center too IN CBF’s BEC!

Did you know the beach is being widened to 500 feet, find out how and when.

Social half hour starts at 7 pm.

Make the new Years resolution to join OPCL, support OPCL and be a contributing part of OPCL.

Have you seen the Lesner bridge lights in person yet?

Join us!

CBF’s Brock Environmental Center is located at 3663 Marlin Bay Drive.

January 10 2019 General Membership Meeting AGENDA (2 pg PDF)

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