Fall Fest Thanks !

In spite of threatening weather, the Fall Fest was a huge success thanks to the great turn-out by our Ocean Park residents!

First, a special thanks to Alicia Benjamin who joined our volunteer team this year and became our third amigo! She was a big help to Joanne Parker and me (Lynda Martin) and took on the daunting task of recruiting other volunteers.

Thanks also to the many other “worker bees” that made this Fall Fest another fun success! We greatly appreciate the following people for taking shifts during the festival:

    Brian Parker, Brian Snyder, Paula Demosthenes, Leslie Cowing, Terry Gearhart, Mike Wills, Princess Norris, Blake Norris, Lauren Harrington, Betty Demers, Brian Demers, Karen?? (sorry, didn’t get your last name), Margaret Brzostek, Isabelle Hume, and Debbie Bickel.

Thanks to all who helped clean up, especially Ron and Tracy Macan and Isabelle Hume.

Our junior helpers who deserve thanks are:

    Lane Wills, Katie Wills, Mia Gardener, Sammie Gardner, Jessica Parker, Ben Parker, Maddie Busch, and Annie Busch.

A special thanks to Blake Norris for doing a fantastic job of handling the Treasurer position in his well-organized manner as well as temporarily covering our Membership Committee.

Without paid members, new incoming members, and accurate records of our members, our social events can’t happen.

And of course, A BIG thanks to Froggies for their professionalism and excellent food!!
Special thanks to Debbie Bickel for volunteering to help serve throughout most of the event!

Lynda Martin
Co-Chair OPCL Social Committee

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