OPCL Membership Meeting Thursday September 6th OPVRS Social Starts at 7pm

Click to view & download 1 page Agenda.

Meeting at OPVRS is beloved Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad located at 3769 Shore Drive.
Please enter from door in rear opposite Shore Drive.

More about the meeting from Andrew:

OPCL September 6th is a very important meeting….

I have invited all the City Council candidates I could find seeking office this year to attend the September 6th OPCL meeting at 7 pm at the OPVRS. Listed below is those attending and not. If anyone knows of other candidiates I have missed or who need a nudge to attend, please have then text me at 757 621 2082. This meeting will NOT be a forum and will not be a Q and A. Each candidate will have a few minutes to speak to one of the oldest and recognized civic leagues in VB.

I have also asked Public Works to present to Ocean Park their plans to provide much needed maintenance schedules and improvements regarding drainage, road repairs and parking issues in Ocean Park. Several staff members will be at this meeting to follow up with a boots on the ground preliminary meetings of these issues on the south side with myself and the north side with Mike Wills. There will be a social half hour and everyone is encouraged to ask candidates any questions at that time.

Attending city council candidates:

    Tim Worst
    Brad Martin
    Louis Jones
    David Nygard
    Gary Hubbard
    Mike Maskell
    Karen Kwansey
    Linda Bright
    Dee Oliver
    Jim Wood
    Tim Worst
    John Coker
    Aaron Rouse
    John Moss
    Suzanne Henderson
    Bobby Dyer
    Kerry Reynolds
    Ben Davenport

Unable to attend:

    Allison White

Haven’t heard back yet:

    Barbara Henley
    John Uhrin
    Pieri Burton
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