Can you help finish interactive art at PHP ?

From Irene Bowers, reporter for Virginian-Pilot:

Benjamin Heller is a visiting artist from NY on a grant from VBeach Office of Cultural Affairs. He is creating a sculpture—Terrapin Basin—near the Brock Environmental Center. His assistant had to leave, and he is finishing alone.

Here are two ways to help:

1. Interested adults can help polish the rock surfaces. Benjamin will show you how to use the polishers.
2. He could use 600 feet, yup that much, of three pronged or grounded electric cord. He already has one set of 600’ and hopes to borrow enough to run several polishers for any volunteers. He will tag and return the cord to owners upon completion.

You can find him out there early morning to night.
Contact him at:
You can read about Terrapin Basin here.

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