OPCL BOD forwarded our requests to BAC Outreach Forum 2018

View the BAC ’18 Requests Page at OPCL.org.

Lynnhaven Municipal Wharf and it’s proposed uses is one of the new items we’ve added:

Request the City of Virginia Beach eliminate the proposed Dredge Material Transfer Station and expand the Lynnhaven Boat Ramp & Beach Facility (LBRBF) with additional lanes of boat and trailer parking. This would also include repairing the shoreline of the former sand storage area to assist in reducing the number of times Crab Creek has to be dredged.

    -Request a public hearing about the Lesner Municipal Wharf with The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.
    -Request a public hearing about the Lesner Municipal Wharf with Army Corp of Engineers.
    -Request the City of Virginia Beach Maintain an open dialogue with the Ocean Park Civic League of all actions, discussions and document disclosures as related to the potential uses for the Lesner Municipal Wharf.

In our opinion, a dredge material transfer station is not needed.

    • History has shown that it is less expensive for neighborhoods to create haul routes from within their own property as opposed to barging material to Lynnhaven Boat Ramp.
    • The transfer station causes potentially dangerous conflicts with the boating, fishing and recreational beach users in this area.
    • The planned overlook and “The Canoes” sculpture for the new eastbound Lesner Bridge would have an unsightly backdrop of a transfer station.
    • The Lynnhaven Boat Ramp is heavily used for recreational fishing boats and pleasure craft.

    . . .

View the BAC ’18 Requests Page at OPCL.org.

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