Lesner Bridge construction update includes: “EB Shore Drive Lane Closure at East Stratford Street for March 12 thru March 15th 2018”

EB Shore Drive Lane Closure at East Stratford Street for March 12 thru March 15th 2018

Here are the details:

Paving work is scheduled (weather permitting) for three nights beginning on Monday, March 12th and ending in the early morning hours of March 15th. Working hours for each evening will be from 7:00PM to 5:00AM. Therefore, beginning the evening of Monday, March 12th at approximately 7:00 PM, single lane closures will be setup on EB Shore Drive between Dinwiddie Road and East Stratford Street. EAST STRATFORD STREET WILL BE CLOSED AT SHORE DRIVE during each of these nights, so plan accordingly.

View looking East from East Stratford Street at the recently completed 10-foot wide
multi-use path that will cross the new EB Bridge.

Check out the entire update at SDCC.info here.

Friends/Citizens/Learned Scholars/Buccaneers:

As the warm, sultry days of February ease into the frozen, icy days of March, I begin to wonder if any of it makes sense anymore. Nature is blooming and yet it’s crazy cold most days – cold enough that those kids standing by the highway for Liberty Tax Service are putting the torches inside that cheap costume to stay warm. God bless ‘em. It seems the only people I can trust anymore are the people who put together the Farmer’s Almanac. Now THERE is real wisdom in those pages.

Still we must turn our attention to matters of importance . . . like what is the latest on the Lesner Bridge. . .

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