“A neighbor contacted us today regarding a dog attack on Battery Road.”

From an email from Baylake Pines:

A neighbor contacted us today regarding a dog attack on Battery Road. We feel it is important to pass this on:

The incident occurred around 5-5:30 Sunday night on Battery Road.

Our neighbor’s Rottweiler was attached by some type of animal in their backyard. Unfortunately, the dog did not survive. According to our neighbor, something attacked his back leg from behind and mauled his leg down to the bone. The vet said it had to be a large animal, as there were no bite marks, just ravaging claw marks. This is a large breed dog, too, so it must have been something large to attempt to attack the dog in the first place. Have there been any coyotes spotted in the neighborhood or other large predatory animals?

I know there are foxes in the neighborhood and several of our other neighbors say they have seen a very large raccoon in the area, but I’ve never heard of an attack of this nature and I don’t want this to become an ongoing issue.

I’ve given the animal control number to our neighbor so that this incident can be reported. Whatever attacked her dog is still out there and I’m concerned as there are frequently small children in our court playing flashlight tag, etc., not to mention the neighbors walking their dogs in the evenings.

Baylake neighbor on Battery Road near the lake.

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