Tree trimming ideas to show some live oak love


On Tuesday, October 31, 2017, I supplied a list compiled by Andy Broyles of problem streets with low-hanging limbs throughout Ocean Park to the City’s arborist, Susan French. The following Tuesday, she reported back to me that she had sent her assistant, Brian Crouch, out to review the locations. He told her that over half of the affected trees were located on private property (defined as having at least 50% of the trunk within the survey lines of the homeowner’s property.) She said that she would try to get as many as possible of the trees that were on public property pruned this fall and winter, but that funding might not permit all of them to be dressed. The City does not perform this work; it is contracted out.

She stated that homeowners could trim (or contract to have trimmed) any tree on their own property without a permit and that there was no need to check with the City arborist before doing so. She further stated that her office has pruning guidelines available to interested homeowners and contractors.

If Ocean Park residents are interested in clearing these streets, it seems that homeowners can either arrange for it individually or band together to contract a number of trimmings at one time and perhaps have it done more economically. Is there an interest in organizing a tree-trimming schedule for affected streets?

I would be happy to help coordinate such a schedule. Now is the best time to prune trees, during their dormant season. Comments welcome.


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