Updates from the Prez about what the Civic League has been up to.

Although no meetings are scheduled this summer, the OPCL is still actively working to better the community. The Bayfront Advisory Commission’s Outreach meeting created another opportunity to list Ocean Parks’s vital needs and changes needed from City services and City budgets.

Every one of these issues is a compilation of resident input as well as challenging the ever changing budget programs that leave Ocean Park with substandard infrastructure. See the current list we presented here.

Shore Drive Phase IV will fix this old, unsafe infrastructure.

 In the meantime the Ocean Park median signs are under construction and will be completed before July.  These signs are a coastal-classic inspiration and were in the city approval process since last December and required a City Council decision.  They will  be installed on Shore Drive, one will be placed at Marlin Bay and one near Lesner Bridge. 

Ocean Park is getting signs on Shore Drive !

  A special committee  named the North Pleasure House Creek Committee is active and has been funded to assist the residents in the Pelican Dunes area who could be adversely affected by development and filling of wetlands west of the 7/11. All property owners in this corridor are urged to donate matching funds and deal with this issue as a group ASAP.

Wouldn’t it make sense COVB purchase this for open space & storm water facility?

Remember, starting tomorrow Monday June 19th, including Tuesday & Wednesday, the Lesner Bridge will be closed from midnight until 4am.   You’ll have to go around if you get caught on “the other side”.

If you’re on the other side, you’ll have to go around.

 Until next time.

Andrew R Broyles 
President Ocean ParkCivic League

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