OPCL Adopt-A-Spot PHP Clean up this Saturday APR 8th 9am-noon

Join us !

If you’re late, that’s cool, more tasty homemade baked goodness for us on-timers.

It’s that time of year! Cleanup on Pleasure House Point Natural Area!! Yes, I know you’ve all been clamoring for information, bothering me to death! “Mary! When can we have a cleanup!?!….Mary, PHP is dirty!! Pick me! Pick Me!!….I wanna do a cleanup!!!” Well, now’s your chance!! April 8th from 0900 til noon!! Bring gloves if you have them, dress for safety and warmth (or coolness…who knows?!?) We will meet at the entrance on Marlin Bay and Ocean Tides, and yes, warm baked goods will be supplied!! (My regulars know what that means!!) Grabbers, pokers and bags will be supplied. Come join us for a great way to start the day, cleaning PHP!! See you there!!

Make it a whole day in Ocean Park and have fun at the Spring Crawl Out Saturday evening.


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